Garbage: Understanding Where It Goes and Why

Tips for Saving Money When Hiring Garbage Removal Services

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While some people may balk at the prospect of paying another person to remove their garbage, others view garbage removal services as an important part of cleaning and ridding their home of rubbish, while still having free time to do other things. Tidying and sorting the rubbish may be time-consuming enough, but it takes a good deal longer when you have to make continuous trips to the refuse center get rid of the stuff. Here’s some tips for getting the most of of using a garbage removal service. Get Helpers to Save Time Time is money...

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3 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

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Planning a large outdoor event is no doubt a huge task, and like any big task, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. As with any big task, the best way to approach event planning is to break it up into manageable chunks. Your priorities as the coordinator of an outdoor event are keeping everything safe, keeping everything clean, and maximising the comfort of the attendees. The following tips will help you achieve that. Consider the Weather Large-scale events are generally announced quite a while before they occur, usually a period of several...

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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am going to start with a secret – when I was a teen, I used to litter. I never thought about who had to pick up after me, and I never thought about garbage in general – Where does it go? How do garbage removal companies deal with overfilling landfills? How does recycling help? When I was in college, however, I became very interested in the environment, and I started to explore those kinds of questions. Now, I would certainly never litter, and I hope my kids never do either. To help reduce that kind of activity, I think information is key, and that is why I started a blog. I want others to learn about litter, garbage, recycling and related issues. My name is Mary, and I hope you enjoy this blog.

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