3 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

Posted on: 28 April 2015

Planning a large outdoor event is no doubt a huge task, and like any big task, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. As with any big task, the best way to approach event planning is to break it up into manageable chunks.

Your priorities as the coordinator of an outdoor event are keeping everything safe, keeping everything clean, and maximising the comfort of the attendees. The following tips will help you achieve that.

Consider the Weather

Large-scale events are generally announced quite a while before they occur, usually a period of several months to a year. Unfortunately, when dealing with such a large time period, it is practically impossible to predict what the weather will be like on the day of the event.

It is possible, however, to maximise the chances of having a nice day for the event. First, consider the location. Don't plan an open-air music festival in an area that receives 150 days of rainfall a year. Find a dry location, during a fairly dry month, and you drastically reduce the chance of bad weather during the event.

However, be sure to plan for the worst. Devise a backup plan in case of rainy weather; makes sure you have plenty of tents, indoor areas, and shelter for people. Additionally, carefully monitor the weather reports every day leading up to your event. If extreme weather is predicted, you may need to postpone or cancel.

Make Sure You Have Lots of Bins

When hiring bins for the event, make sure to optimise their layout in such a way that minimises littering. Essentially, place the bins in a way that, no matter where someone is standing within the boundaries of the event, they have easy access to the bin. If there's always a bin in sight, people will be far less likely to drop their rubbish on the ground.

On top of that, ensure that each regular waste bin is paired with a recycling bin, and plan for how much rubbish there will be. The last thing you want is all the bins filling up and overflowing during the event. Consult resources like Cheaper Bin Hire to figure out how many bins you'll need depending on the number of attendants.

Maximise Comfort of Attendees

If you're hosting your event at a location that is specifically designed for outdoor events, a lot of this will be taken care of. However, if you end up selecting a different site (perhaps to save on costs), you will need to ensure that the layout of the event is as comfortable as possible.

Provide plenty of seating by having them strategically laid out so that walking paths are not blocked. Ensure that there is also a large supply of drinking water and plenty of shade. If it is an evening event, make sure every area is adequately lit up.