Tips to Save Money on Skip Bin Hire

Posted on: 27 June 2019

When renovating a home or office, it makes sense to hire a skip bin for a large amount of waste disposal. They ensure efficient waste disposal at an affordable price. To get valuable savings from your skip bin hire, you should follow the tips below:

Sufficient waste

If you do not have an adequate amount of rubbish, then avoid hiring a skip bin. Skip bin companies charge for the volume of garbage. Even if you do not fill the skip, you can choose to hire skip bags or wheelie bins. There are different sizes of containers available, and you should select the size accurately to reduce the cost of hire. While it is hard to guess the amount of waste you can expect, it is wise to gather the rubbish in one place. By looking at all your waste, you can determine whether you need a skip bin.

Type of waste

Before ordering a random skip, you should know what kind of waste you expect from renovation or cleaning. If you put the wrong type of debris into a skip, the waste company will not collect it but will still charge you for the rental. There are different types of skip bins available for different types of waste. These bins are designed for specific waste. Garden skip bins are designed for organic waste only. Debris such as car batteries may include extra disposal fees. Many skip bin companies do not accept waste such as concrete or chemicals.

Compare prices

Before hiring a skip, it is advisable to research local companies and the rates they offer. The research may take a long time, but it will be worth the money you save. Obtain at least three quotes and choose the most affordable one based on the company's reputation and service.

Booking and rental

You should book a skip bin in advance if you want it at an affordable price. Many companies charge extra for individuals who need skip bins immediately. When you book in advance at least two weeks early, you get access to discounts.

Another tip to save money is to keep the bin for a short time. Rental companies charge a daily fee for each day of rental. To save money, therefore, you should finish clean-up as soon as possible. Schedule one day for clean-up to ensure you only hire the bin for one day.

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