Lose the Water Weight: Tips for Keeping Water Out of Your Skip

Posted on: 20 January 2016

Unfortunately, if your skip bin fills with water, it can make the skip too heavy. Luckily, there are easy ways to lose the water weight. Take a look at these tips:

1. Cover your skip.

The most effective way to keep water out of your skip is by covering it. You can order skips that have hinged lids, and those can be used to keep the water out of them. Alternatively, you can place your skip in a covered spot. For example, instead of putting it in your driveway, you can put it in your garage.

Finally, if you can't find a skip with a lid or a covered spot to place your skip, invest in a tarp. At the end of every day, when you are done using the skip, simply throw the tarp on top of it.

2. Insist on a water valve.

When hiring your skip, ask the hire company to provide you with a skip that has a water valve. A water valve is a small valve near the base of your skip. When opened, it allows water to flow out of the skip, and if water gets into your skip, this option is far easier than bailing out the water with a bucket.

3. Hire a skip with a slanted base.

You should get a skip bin with a slightly slanted bottom so the water flows up of the valve in your skip. This shape allows gravity to affect the water in the skip, and it helps the water move toward the valve. If you cannot find a skip with a slanted base, do not try to create one by slanting the skip yourself. Skips should always be placed on level ground so that they don't tip over.

4. Allow water to evaporate from water-logged items.

Keep in mind it's not just deluges from above that can fill your skip with water. If you have water-logged items, they can also add to the water weight in your skip. For example, if you have hired a skip to clean up a home after it has been flooded, you are likely to pull out wet rolls of carpet. If you throw these rolls of carpet in your skip, they will make it heavier.

Instead, try to get rid of some of the water before you put these items in the skip. To do that, just lay them in the sun, and let it naturally evaporate the water.

To learn more about these or other tips, contact companies like McSkips Bin Hire Service.